The main parts of the EKS - solarsystem

  1. the solar panels – vacuum tube system
  2. the solar control unit
  3. the boiler/buffer system
  4. the pump station / antifreezing medium
  5. hydraulic key plan

1.1 the vacuum tube


The EKS vacuum tube is one of the most efficient solar panels worldwide.

1.2 main parts

glass :

borosilicate glass 2,5 mm thickness
 hail impact resistant(50kp/cm²)
 acid-proof, optical lens effect
absorber:aluminium absorber 92% effiency
coating :aluminium nitrid sputtering
dimensions :2000mm length, 100mm diameter

1.3 the system:


16 tubes are connected to a manifold. Every tube is floated with anti freezing medium.
This system can be mounted on flat roofs, balcony, walls, tile roof,… nearly in every position facing to south.

The dimensions of the EKS-DB-2-16 system are:

2110mm length
1920mm width
140mm depth
absorbing area: 3 m²
panel area: 4 m²

Our smaller system is the EKS-DB-2-8 (8 tubes):

2110mm length
960mm width
140mm depth
absorbing area: 1,5 m²
panel area: 2 m²

1.4 Performance:

warm water heating :
Normally 1 m² absorbing area for 1 person but the smallest system for 3 people is 4,5 m²

2-4 Persons       EKS-2-16 + EKS-2-8
4-6 Persons       2 * EKS-2-16
6-10 Persons     3 * EKS-2-16

heating support:
smallest system 2 * EKS-2-16 
buffer from 500-1000 l capacity

yearly performance:
ca. 650-800 kWh/year and m² this means an oil
reduction of 80 to 100 litres per m² and year.

the panels start to work at about 180 W/m²
this means no direct sun radiation is needed the
panels even start working at cloudy light day´s.

2.1 Solar control unit EKS 600


          EKS 600 control unit:
          6 temperature sensors
          3 outputs 230V

temperature difference control
solarsensor (S1) to warmwater boiler bottom sensor (S2)

If S1 is 8K higher than S2 the system start´s
if S1 is only 4K higher than S2 the system stop´s

solar radiation start function radiation sensor S5

If the radiation sensor measures over 200 W/m² the pump is starting for 35 seconds. This bring´s the temperature from the tubes to the sensor S1.
If S1 is high enough it continues running otherwise the same process will occur every 15 minutes.

2.2 EKS 1600 control unit


is a free programmable control unit
16 sensor inputs (dig, temperature, radiation)
11 output´s
network can-bus, gprs (cell phone), internet

field of application:
hole house heating control
1-3 heating circuits and up to 3 solar consumers

messaging system (sensor choke)

elapsed time meter for every output
heat counter

3.1 Boiler, hot water tank

steel tank double vacuum email coated
two heat exchangers 
at the bottom – solar exchanger
at the top – pellets boiler exchanger
50mm PUR-hard foam with skyshell outside
magnesium anode


CL 300/2top exchanger 0,5m²
 bottom exchanger 1,1 m²
 d= 600 mm / h= 1660mm
CL 400/2top exchanger 0,6m²
 bottom exchanger 1,2 m²
 d= 750 mm / h= 1350mm
CL 500/2top exchanger 0,7m²
 bottom exchanger 1,4 m²
 d= 750 mm / h= 1640mm

3.2 Fresh water buffer tank

This system combines the buffer with the warm water tank. In the steel buffer tank is a stainless steel (AISI 316) pipe 1” 8m long integrated. The water is heated up to the buffer temperature during flowing through the pipe. So you have always fresh warm water and there´s no danger of the legionnaire´s decease.

solar charge system:
The solar heat exchanger is surrounded from a especially designed steel tube. This tube is responsible for a high solar performance. This tube is using the coldest water in the tank and this water is heated up flowing in higher areas of the tank by using the chimney effect. In contribution to the especially charge system there´s every connection fitted with anti mixture shield which prevents the buffer from mixing up. Due to this effects we have temperatures from top to bottom from 65 to 25 degrees. So we have high temperatures on the top for usage and low temperatures on the bottom for the solar system.

Dimensions of the buffer tanks (fresh water)

capacity (l)
diameter      (mm)

Dimension for common buffer tanks

capacity (l)
diameter      (mm)

4.1 Anti freezing medium

This medium is especially designed for vacuum tube solar panels to meet the needs of highest temperature. The medium is premixed with distilled water to prevent corrosion and furring and it´s also eco-friendly.

c = 3,85 W/kgK         -28°C freezing temperature

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