Einsiedler Solartechnik introduces a new and innovative solar shower.

Ideal for the swimming pool, beach, garden, boat dock, or at the vacation cabin. Enjoy an exhilarating shower with warm water heated free with solar energy.

This unique product utilizes a customized evacuated tube, which fills with enough water, and generates enough heat to provide up to an 8 minute shower.

Heat loss over night is not more than 5 degrees Celsius ( 9 degrees F ), so an early morning shower is possible even after a cool night or a day or two of rain.

Showers are made of brushed stainless steel powder coated aluminum (white only), and are equipped with thermostat temperature controls which also act as an anti-scalding devices for safety.


Showers are available as single units and as multiple sets (3,6, and 9 shower packages).
A single shower weights 30 kg ( 66 lbs ).




Einsiedler Solartechnik – vacuum solar shower EKS-single

Test the new incredible vacuum solarshower – a patent of the Einsiedler Company. This state-of-the art solar showeris based on the vacuum safety principle.


The vacuum solar shower acts like atransparent thermos flask: it collects sun heat and is emitting only a little biton its surrounding. Obviously vacuum is the best heat insulation.


Even duringthe night the heat loss is therefore at a minimum: only 5 °C at a watertemperature of 80°C (summer) in the storage tank – so you can enjoy a warmwater shower next morning!Even after a few days withoutsunshine the water temperature is still sufficient. From spring time tillautumn there is plenty of warm water at every day and night time.


The high conversion capacity isincredibly 92%. There is no need for direct sun light. Even on cloudy and rainydays the water gets a temperature of about 65%. The most hygienic solar showerin the world. As the storage temperature is above 65°C, legionella cannot survive. Even on rainy days bacteria are reliablykilled. Many other solar showers or old warmwater boilers offer great conditions for bacteria. They proliferate between 30 and 45°C. Legionella lead to a heavy pneumonia.


When the storage tank is empty,refilling takes about 3 hours. See more information about this product EKS-SINGLE page 2.


A sensation on the internet – our vacuum solar shower – worldwide state-of-the-art – an Einsiedler companypatent. The principle of our solar shower is based on the vacuum storage principle.


The solar shower is available in 2standard types:

  • White (powder-coated aluminium plate)
  • Stainless steel

Storage: Stainless steel,selectively coated
Isolation: vacuum
Protection: safety valve 6 bar
Water amount for showering: max. 45litres;
water pressure: from 2 till 4,5 bar


All shower types are equipped with ahigh-quality thermostat faucet (Grohe), shower stick and hand shower.Individual customer requests (colour, faucet,..) can be considered againstpayment.


The EKS solar shower is an exclusiveproduct for our customers with exclusive demands.

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