Einsiedler Solartechnik - vacuum solar shower EKS-single

Test the new revolutionous vacuum solar shower. The ideal contribution for your garden or swimmingpool.


The EKS VACUUM SOLAR SHOWER meets the needs of highest comfort by using an easy regulated thermostat. The sun radiation is absorbed by the selective coating directly transmitted to the contained water. Using this technology the vacuum solar shower has over 90% transmission effiency.


Vacuum is as we all know the best heat isolation a similar principle used over a long periode by the hot water bottle. The advantages of the vacuum principle are convencing. The heat lost over night is reduced to an minimum about 5 degree Celsius over 12 hours (u=0,9 W/m² K) so it' s no problem to take a convienient warm shower in the early morning even after two to three rainy days the water inside is still warm enough.


In summer warm water(38°C) is supported for 8-10 minutes every day and night time. Another advantage is the high convertion rate from sun radiation not even direct sunlight is needed even on cloudy days water is heated up to 50 degree celsius.


The EKS VACUUM SOLAR SHOWER is fitted with thermostat and the necessary secure features and in 3 colours available white , brown and stainless steel EKS VACUUM SOLAR SHOWER is easy to install and not more expensive than a common solar shower. It´s installed with only four screws.

The minimal delivery package is 1 shower (L*B*H 2,2*0,34*0,275 m). We can also offer a 3 shower package (2,2*1,05*0,325 m), a 6 shower package (2,2*1,05*0,65 m) and a 9 shower package (2,2*1,05*0,98 m). The weight for one EKSDTR-N is about 30 kg. The weight for one EKSDTR-W(B) is about 20 kg

Users Manual

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